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Hi. I'm Heather.

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I'm fascinated by the intersection of journalism and technology

Currently, I am at Stanford as a JSK Fellow focusing on how to help newsrooms create effective, meaningful editorial partnerships. I run Project Facet, an open source online platform to help newsrooms better manage the editorial process and facilitates collaboration with internal teams and outside partners. As an award-winning journalist and editor, I've worked on initiatives in data, social media, interactive storytelling and multi-platform reporting. I'm also a full-stack software engineer and am building new tools and projects to explore how technology can better serve journalism and reach diverse audiences.


John S. Knight Fellow — Stanford University


In 2015, I started Project Facet, an open source software project to help newsrooms better manage the editorial process across multiple platforms and the practical logistics of partnering with other newsrooms to create content. The work and research developed into a longer term project that is the focus of my work as a JSK Fellow. In addition to the tools aspect of the overall challenge of collaboration, I am researching and building resources to help newsrooms to create effective, meaningful editorial partnerships. I'm publishing profiles of current collaborative efforts, analysis of different aspects of rural journalism and observations from my research.

  • Hackbright Academy

    JANUARY 2015 - JULY 2016

    Structured and managed all aspects of delivering a white-label iteration of the Hackbright program within a client company. Reported to both the client and Hackbright on operations, curriculum and student status weekly. Created custom curriculum, trained and guided on-site education staff, structured custom education plans for individual students, planned and coordinated all special events. As lab instructor, lectured, advised students, managed lab experience, edited curriculum and wrote new curriculum components.

  • KTOO Public Media

    MAY 2012 - JULY 2015

    Built and managed award-winning websites for 3 radio stations and statewide television service. Assigned, reported, edited and designed news content as part of a 3-person editorial team. Produced analytics reports and recommendations for use in editorial and management decisions. Contributed to long term strategic planning for digital operations. Led digital training workshops internally and for CoastAlaska stations in the region.

  • Alaska Style Guide

    APRIL 2014 - PRESENT

    Manage the digital presence and contributions to Alaska Style Guide, an online crowd-sourced resource for journalists covering Alaska. Topics are specific to Alaska and vary from pronouncers of Alaska Native words to details of local terminology or politicians.

  • The Sun Star

    MAY 2010 - MAY 2012

    Assigned/edited all content, coordinated layout, photo, web and copy editors, advertising and distribution managers. Large projects include the creation of a searchable salary database of the University of Alaska system. As layout editor, designed page layouts, all graphics for print and web, managed photographers, edited photos for print and online publishing. Created an in-house system for measuring costs and content of each issue. Created a custom system for tracking paper content to examine the demographics of subjects and interviews and distribution of coverage across topics.


  • Print

    I started working in newspapers as a layout editor before becoming the Editor in Chief of a weekly. There's nothing quite like putting together an entire newspaper over and over to teach you respect for details.

  • Radio

    Public Radio taught me a new respect for the power of sound and how to make the most of every minute.

  • Television

    Public television is elegant balancing act between information and expression. The public television station I worked for taught me about finding the special spot of catching an audience's attention and delivering value.

  • But Always Online

    No matter where I've been, I've always had a hand in the digital presence of the organization.

  • Heather Bryant Photo: Celebration Child
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Aurora
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Sled Team
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Celebration Elder
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Alaska Marine Highway Ferry
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Fox
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Mendenhall Glacier
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Meteor
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Muskox
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Bush Pilot
  • Heather Bryant Photo: 4H Pony Ride
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Reindeer
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Sea Lions
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Seal Release
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Sled Dog
  • Heather Bryant Photo: SWAT
  • Heather Bryant Photo: Stryker Brigade


My favorite place is behind my camera.

  • iPad Image
  • Software

    Project Facet is about simplifying the tools and process of doing journalism by making it easy to assign, create and edit content within one tool and to share that editorial process with anyone so that small newsrooms can leverage their collective power to strengthen their reporting and expand their reach.

    • Open Source

      Facet is an open source project to benefit the journalism community.

    • Collaborative

      The goal is to make it easy for newsrooms to work together without have to change their existing CMS tools.

    • Streamlined

      The features are simple to prevent feature bloat and make everything easy to use.

    • Evolving

      There are innumerable directions the project can go based on the needs of the community.


I firmly believe that all knowledge is worth having which is why I love reading and learning.

  • Skills

    Project Management

    Fullstack programming - Python/Django/Postgres, JavaScript and APIs


    Video/Audio Production

    Social Media Engagement

  • Education & Training

    Women’s Leadership Accelerator

    Online News Association FEBRUARY 2017

    Fall Fellow

    Hackbright Academy FEBRUARY 2015

    B.A. Journalism

    University of Alaska Fairbanks MAY 2012

    NICAR Bootcamp

    University of Missouri Columbia AUGUST 2010

  • Recognition

    Society of Professional Journalists (Region 10)

    2011 - Feature Writing (3RD PLACE)

    2010 - Best Affiliated Website (1ST PLACE)

    2010 - Best In-Depth Reporting (3RD PLACE)

    Alaska Press Club

    2014 - Best Media Website

    2013 - Best Media Website

    2010 - Best Page Design

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