Journalist | Coder | Photographer | Designer

Hi. I'm Heather.

  • I'm kind of in love with the internet.

    It's gotten pretty serious.

    I am completely fascinated by the intersection of journalism and technology. As an award-winning journalist and editor, I’ve worked on initiatives in data, social media, interactive storytelling and reporting across platforms. I’m a full-stack software engineer and am building new tools and projects to explore how technology can better serve journalism and reach diverse audiences.

  • Where am I from?

    Born and raised in a rural farm town in the midwest before taking off for Alaska Where I lived for nearly a decade before moving to San Francisco.

  • What did I study?

    I started in wildlife biology as I'm very interested in science and conservation. I later moved into journalism where I studied photojournalism, print, and digital workflows. I was a self taught coder before joining Hackbright Academy to solidify my programming skills.

Recent Experience

  • Director | Project Facet

    Facet is a grant-funded open source software project that simplifies the editorial process for multiplatform publishers and allows news organizations to collaborate on content.

  • Lab Instructor | Hackbright Academy

    I lecture on front-end frameworks, mapping and design as well as advise students and help run the labs.

  • Digital Services Editor | KTOO Public Media

    I led the Digital Services team in building and managing the websites for three radio stations and the statewide television service 360 North. Reporting, editing and designing news content as part of a 3-person editorial team was my daily role. I also produced detailed analytics reports and interpret analytics for use in editorial and management decisions. I Oversaw audience and pageview growth of more than 350%.

  • Digital Manager | Alaska Style Guide

    Alaska Style is an online crowd-sourced styleguide for journalists covering Alaska. I manage the digital presence, layout and site structure.


  • Technical

    Python, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Jinja, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Google Javascript API, WordPress

    Currently learning: Django, Angular, RESTful API design

  • Tools

    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, Atom, Sublime, Cygwin, Bash


  • Print

    I started working in newspapers as a layout editor before becoming the Editor in Chief of a weekly. There's nothing quite like putting together an entire newspaper over and over to teach you respect for details.

  • Radio

    Public Radio taught me a new respect for the power of sound and how to make the most of every minute.

  • Television

    Public television is elegant balancing act between information and expression. The public television station I worked for taught me about finding the special spot of catching an audience's attention and delivering value.

  • But Always Online

    No matter where I've been, I've always had a hand in the digital presence of the organization.


I once wrote my first line of code and then ran it and it did something and the world was never the same for me. I realized that I could make anything.

  • Open Source

    I'm working on an open source project right now. Project Facet is about simplifying the tools and process of doing journalism by making it easy to assign, create and edit content within one tool and to share that editorial process with anyone so that small newsrooms can leverage their collective power to strengthen their reporting and expand their reach. More


I've photographed everything from dog sled racing to military training exercises to bush pilots in Alaska villages. Looking at the world through a camera has helped to learn how to focus on the details that make the big picture come together.


Running a small web and graphic design business has given me the opportunity to constantly experiment and learn about design. I genuinely enjoy just playing in Photoshop and Illustrator to see what I can make.

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